The Quietest 80 Gallon Air Compressor and Its Alternatives

Everyone wants their air compressors to be as quiet as possible because noise is a great issue for the work environment. It often requires isolating the air compressor in a separate room or box to get rid of disturbing noise if the air compressor isn’t quite enough. So, a permanent solution is to get the quietest one possible.

Most of the 80-gallon compressors are noisy because of their heavy-duty performance. They have to produce a high CFM maintaining proper pressure. Therefore, it is really hard to find an 80-gallon air compressor that is quiet.

But there is good news. We have found one!

EMAX ESP10V080V1 (Link to Amazon) is the quietest 80 gallon air compressor till now. This air compressor makes only 62 dB noise maintaining a high CFM and pressure.

This air compressor is from the EMAX whisper series. Whisper Series air compressors are popular for their low noise and high performance. EMAX Engineers has done a great job in their whisper series air compressors to reduce the noise up to 25%.

In this article, you will learn why this air compressor is so much quiet. You will also learn about some other quiet 80 gallon air compressors. So let’s get started.

EMAX ESP10V080V1 – The Quietest 80 Gallon Air Compressor

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The ESP10V080V1 by EMAX compressor is an 80-gallon air compressor that makes significantly low noise despite having a heavy-duty performance.

This quiet industrial air compressor has a 38 CFM rating at 100 Psi and runs by a 10 HP motor. Air compressors having such capability makes more noise, but this one only produces 62 decibel sound. So far, this is the quietest one that has an 80-gallon tank capacity.

Being so quiet, this air compressor is very much suitable for Garage, Farm Shop, and Industrial applications.

The story behind the EMAX Whisper Series Air Compressors

Noise suppression device was first introduced by the EMAX as they noticed a lot of complaints from the air compressor users of different brands.  Afterward, EMAX asked its engineers to make an air compressor that will be so quiet that it won’t harm the working environment.

They worked on the pump and air intake which are the primary source of noise in the air compressor and come up with the EMAX whisper Series. All the air compressor from the Whisper Series produces lower than 70 dB noise.

Fact: Do you know, all the Emax air compressors are manufactured in USA?


  • CFM: 38 @ 100 PSI
  • Compressor Type: Two Stage
  • Pump RPM: 800
  • Pump Material: Solid Cast Iron
  • Pump Model: APP4V1043T
  • Dimensions: 38″x42″x72″ LxWxH
  • Weight: 810 Pounds
  • Motor RPM: 1750
  • Motor Type: Single
  • Motor Voltage Rating: 208/230
  • Tank Size: 80 Gallon
  • Tank Outlet Size: 3/4″
  • Tank Drain: Timed Automatic
  • Certifications: UL,CSA, ASME
  • Warranty: 5 Year Non-Pro rated
  • Running AMP: 40
  • Recommended Circuit Breaker 60 AMP
  • Max Pressure: 175 Psi
  • Oil Capacity: 2.5 quarts
  • Drive Type: Belt Driven

How Did They Make the EMAX ESP10V080V1 the Quietest

Improvement In the Pump

2 Stage

The EMAX ESP10V080V1 is quiet because it is a 2-stage air compressor. Two-stage air compressors are always quieter than the single-stage air compressor if other things like pressure, CFM are kept constant. The reason behind that is a two-stage air compressor compresses the air two times while a single-stage air compressor does the job once.

A single-stage air compressor suddenly changes the state of the air and makes more noise. But this best 80 gallon 2 stage air compressor gradually changes the state of the air and hence the noise is less.

Heavy-Weight Pump

If you notice, you will find that the pump of this compressor is larger than the other two-stage 80-gallon air compressors.

EMAX used a pump heavier than all of its competitors. EXAX can make the pump light having the same output, but they didn’t. The reason behind that is, a lightweight pump will make more noise due to vibration than a heavyweight pump.

Most of the manufacturer uses an aluminum pump which is too light to take such kind of vibration but EMAX used solid cast iron in the pump which can absorb the vibration well and makes low noise.

Bigger in Size Lower in RPM

EMAX compressor uses the lowest RPM pump in the industry. There are good reasons behind that. In fact, this is a great reason why their air compressors are so much quiet. The higher the RPM, the higher the noise the pump will make.

But if you keep the RPM too low, you can’t get a high volume of air delivery. To offset this problem, they made the pump bigger.

In that way, the pump can get a good CFM while the compressor runs quietly.

Air Intake Silencer

The whisper, that is connected in the intake of the compressor channels the air through a number of baffle plates and pre-filtration media. So, the noise that comes from the piston intake is dissipated in this silencer media. Because of this trapping and dissipating of noise, this air compressor makes significantly low noise.

Does it Worth the Price

The ESP10V080V1 will cost you more than three thousand bucks. So, this is really a big question that, does it really worth the price you are paying.

Let’s consider the power and performance first. This compressor can supply you with 38 CFM of air at 100 PSI. That means you can run the highly-rated air tools with this air compressor.

The built quality is robust. EMAX used top-quality material in this air compressor. EMAX has done great work on the pump and motor. This air compressor also has some extra beneficial features like an automatic electric drain, inter and aftercooler, belt tensioning, etc.

Finally, the noise is unbelievably low, only 62dB. So, in my sense, comparing the price, features, and high-end performance, the ESP10V080V1 worth the price when you need a quiet working environment.

Other Quiet 80 Gallon Air Compressors

ESP05V080I3 by EMAX Compressor

The ESP05V080I3 is rated with 19 CFM at 90 PSI. This 80 gallon industrial air compressor features a 5 HP 3 phase motor.

It also has a silent air intake system and hence makes only 63dB noise. If you need an air compressor for a garage or workshop, this is a great option when you need a silent working environment.

ESP05V080I1 by EMAX Compressor

The ESP05V080I1 is also a 19 CFM at 100 PSI air compressor from EMAX industrial plus series. It also makes only 63 dB noise like its successor and features a silent air intake system.

But the difference is in the motor phase. This two-stage air compressor uses a single phase, a 1750 RPM motor. The Pump RPM is 800 and assists greatly to keep the noise low.

EP07V080V3 by EMAX Compressor

If you need something more powerful than the ESP05V080I1 and ESP05V080I3, then you can go for the EP07V080V3.

This quiet air compressor makes 78 dB noise which way lower than all the compressors having such power and performance. This compressor is capable of supplying 31 CFM compressed air at 100 PSI. It features a three-phase 1750 RPM motor and a 650 RM two-stage pump.

Industrial Air ILA4708065

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This 155 Psi air compressor from Industrial Air is a good alternative to the EMAX whisper series as it comes with a lower price tag.

The CFM rating of this air compressor is 14 at 90 Psi. Therefore, it can run most of your workshop and garage air tools and spray guns.

Surprisingly the ILA4708065 makes only 80 dB noise although it is a single-stage air compressor as a single-stage air compressor makes more noise than the two-stage air compressors. See the specification of this air compressor at Amazon.

DeWalt DXCMV5048055

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If you are a fan of Dewalt tools and looking for a quiet 80 gallon air compressor then you can consider buying the DeWalt DXCMV5048055 (check at Amazon). This Dewalt 80 gallon air compressor features a 5 HP motor and can produce 17.9 CFM compressed air at 100 Psi. The highest pressure of this compressor is 175 PSI. At this pressure, the compressor is still able to deliver 17 CFM air.

Dewalt has introduced a new type of two-stage pump in this compressor. This two-stage pump helps to reduce the noise of the air compressor. Although this one doesn’t have a silence system, it produces only 83 dB noise.

DeWalt DXCMLA4708065

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The DeWalt DXCMLA4708065 is an industrial-grade performance 80-gallon air compressor which can supply 14 CFM at 90 Psi.

It features a three-cylinder single-stage pump and a 4.7 HP induction motor. Like the previous one, it produces 83 dB noise. Within a moderate budget, this is a good air compressor when you don’t want unnecessary noise in your shop. See more details about this air compressor at Amazon.

Why 80-gallon Air Compressors Makes More Noise?

Most of the 80-gallon air compressors you will find in the market are whether single-stage or 2-stage. They are reciprocating air compressors.

Normally, these 80-gallon air compressor has a huge CFM rating. Because of that, the pump has to compress a lot of air at high pressure and that is one reason this compressor makes so much noise.

The second reason is in the air intake. As a large volume of air is sucked in the intake, the intake produces a lot of noise. The heavy motor and the belt also produce a significant amount of noise in these air compressors. If you want to quiet these air compressors then you have to take some extra measures.

So far these are the quietest 80 gallon air compressors that give the best performance. We recommend that you go for the EMAX air compressors if you need to work by side of your air compressor and you run it for a long time. But as the compressors from EMAX costs more, you can also choose the Industrial Air ILA4708065 as a budget option. It also gives a good performance.

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