About US

We are very glad that you want to know about us. We are happy to share the story behind our blog, who we are, and what is the mission of this blog.

Story Behind The Blog

As a Mechanical engineer, Partho always has to deal with a wide range of power tools and machines.

One day he thought it would be great if he can share his knowledge with the world. And what better way to do so if not the internet.

So, he wanted to make a blog where he can share everything he knows about tools and machines. But he had no knowledge on how to run a website.

That’s when he met his partner Mostaq, who is a civil engineer and knows the basics of running a website. Partho told him about his idea and he agreed to help Partho with this. So, here they are today with their site on power tools and machines, and everything you need to know about them.

Who We Are?

I’m Partho, a mechanical engineer. As a mechanical engineer, I have to work with a wide range of tools.

My partner Mostaq is a Civil Engineer. He also has to deal with power tools and machines because of his working field.

As we share a common interest (love for tools, and more), we want to spread what we know about tools and machines with everyone.

Whenever there is a problem with using tools and machines, we try to find the best solution for that. This is us, two DIY enthusiasts, who are looking forward to helping you with any kind of air tool-related problem you have.

Our Mission

Using power tools is not as easy as people think. Numerous problems arise while using them. Our mission is to help everyone solve the problems they face while using these air tools. We also try to help people find the right type of tools they need for their jobs. This is what this website is for.

Contact With Us

Thank you for being on our website. You can connect with us for any query, information or problems through our Contact Page.