Ho to Load a Mini Grease Gun | Simple & Easy

Loading a Mini Grease GunLoading a mini grease gun is tricky. Sometimes you need professional help for this. All you need is some simple steps to follow and you’ll learn how to load a mini grease gun.

I’m here to help you with the instructions for this. So, sit tight and read the instructions.


First, you need to know about the parts of a mini grease gun. The parts include t-grip handle, arrestor clamp, extended pipe, washer, ball, plug, head, piston, plunger, spring, barrel, pull rod, coupler, grip. Each part has its own specific characteristics and interlinking.

Mini grease guns come in various types. Mini grease gun with 3 oz grease gun cartridge is the most popular one. There are some simples steps you can follow to load a mini grease gun.

When you buy a mini grease gun, the parts are not usually pre-assembled. So,

  • Pull the pull rod all the way out using the t-grip handle and get ready to load the grease.
  • Now, there is going to be a grease full cartridge that will go inside the barrel. Open the end of the cartridge and peel of the mask from it. Be careful while doing that, otherwise, some grease may get wasted.
  • Unscrew the barrel from the body.
  • Now, put in the grease-full cartridge inside the barrel in the right way. It generally fits only one way inside the barrel.
  • You may notice that some upper part of the cartridge is not fully syncing with the barrel. If it occurs, you will have to force it through the process to go all in.
  • Force the upper of the part of the gun that was separated before and screw it tight with the barrel.
  • You can use some grease to screw smoothly.
  • Once you’ve screwed it, you have to push the pull rod all the way in again, so that it connects with the washer through the plunger.
  • Turn the barrel counter-clockwise to unscrew a bit from the gun body. By doing so, a little bit of airflow will happen and this will make the process easier.
  • After the airflow, push the pull rod all the way in again using the t-grip handle. There might be a clip that handles the movement of the pull rod. So, if you see any, don’t forget to press it and push the rod back in.
  • Screw tight the barrel again.
  • Now, there is an extended pipe. Extended pipes come with a coupler on the top.
  • This extended pipe needs to go through the grip inside the gun where the head of the gun is connected. Then screw it tight with the gun.
  • Most of the work is done by now, you just have to squeeze the grip. The grip is connected with the gun by one piston that goes in and out. Spring is set for helping with the movement of the piston.
  • After some squeezing, you’ll see the grease coming out and you are good to go for lubricating.

These are the simple steps to follow on how to load a mini grease gun cartridge.

SAFETY ISSUES TO KEEP IN MIND When Loading A Mini Grease Gun

Unlike heavy mechanical tools, mini grease guns aren’t that dangerous for you or for the surrounding of a specific point. But it does contain some safety issues to follow.

You also need to know about lubricant toxicity as there are various lubricant types. Not all lubricants should be treated in the same manner. You need to be careful using them and sometimes personal protective equipment(PPE) Is needed to use them. They do have a catastrophic effect on you and the environment. Handle them carefully.


A mini grease gun is a workshop tool used for lubrication. Its main purpose is to lubricate through stigma to a certain point.

Generally grease gun are of four types –

  • Air-operated: Air operated grease guns are generally powered by compressed air. Air operated grease guns apply high pressure and accuracy while lubricating.
  • Lever: Lever grease guns features a three-way fill with bulk, cartridge, and filler pump loading. These grease guns provide high volume performance.
  • Cordless: Cordless grease guns provide handle-type operation instead of traditional pistol grip type.
  • Pistol grip: Pistol grip guns or pneumatic grease guns and are used for large-scale lubricating works. Pistol grip guns normally run out of power faster than battery-operated grease guns.
  • Pump: Pump grease guns are very common. These guns also use compressive air to operate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to refill a mini grease gun?

Refilling a mini grease gun is a very easy thing to do. All you need to do is change the cartridge with a new one. For that, you need to pull the pull rod all the way down. Then unscrew the barrel from the upper body of the gun. Take the new cartridge and then open the end and peel off the mask from it.

Now, put the cartridge inside the barrel. Screw the barrel again with the gun. You’ll need to put some extra pressure on it unless it won’t sync with the barrel.

Now, you need to push the pull rod again all the way up. For this, you need to follow one simple tip. Unscrew the barrel-like just one turn, so that some airflow occurs and then you can push the rod all the way up easily.

Screw tight the barrel again and you are good to go.

How to keep my grease gun clean and good conditioned?

Keeping a tool clean will enhances performance. So, cleaning a mini grease gun is important. You can use lint-free cloths to wipe the parts. Do not put it on dirty surfaces and cover up the mini grease gun when you are not using it.

Always inspect the fittings of the mini grease gun to know about the condition of it. Replace any damaged or defective parts. If you keep using the mini grease gun with some damaged part, it can affect the whole body and some unfortunate events may happen.

To ensure the safety factors, exercise the cautions. Learn more about the operation of a mini grease gun to maintain the quality of it. Sincerity while using the mini grease gun is a must thing to follow.

My Final Thoughts

Handling a mini grease gun is not a complex thing to do. All that I’ve said is for you to use it properly. Follow the instructions attentively given on how to load a mini grease gun, and hopefully, you won’t face any kind of problem loading it.

Always keep in mind the safety issues, because you don’t want to hurt yourself or people around you. As I’ve said, it contains some toxicity within it, effecting our environment, you must have to use it properly maintaining all the instructions.

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