How to Bleed a Grease Gun In Easy & Simple Steps

bleeding grease gun easilyGrease gun is a tool that you usually use for lubrication work in your garage and workshop. It is an important tool as well as a complex one to handle if your area beginner. You have to be sure about certain terms to use it properly.

I’ve seen people questioning how to bleed a grease gun. Today, I’m going to give you some instructions on how to bleed a grease gun every time. Follow my steps and this will help you to bleed a grease gun.

Know Your Grease Gun Before Bleeding a Grease Gun

Grease guns come in various types. For example:

Pneumatic Grease Gun

A pneumatic grease gun stands for an air-powered grease gun. Compressed air is directed to the gun by hoses and the air pressure serving to force the grease through the aperture.

Mini Grease Gun

Mini grease guns are very easy and simple to use and it is manually operated. Mini grease guns are normally used for lubricating smaller fittings. The most common mini grease gun is a 3 oz grease gun.

Electric grease gun

Electric grease guns are very powerful than other grease guns and more expensive. Electric grease guns are the type of grease gun where an electric motor drives a high-pressure grease pump.

Battery Operated Grease Gun

Battery-powered grease guns are not as powerful as electric grease gun but they are quite heavy and durable. They are basically cordless.

A common question might pop up in your mind that how would you bleed your grease gun if it doesn’t match my instructions.

Keep one thing in mind that basically all the grease gun has the same type of parts assembled and they work almost in the same procedures. So, if you learn how to bleed a pneumatic grease gun or how to bleed an air grease gun then it will be enough for you to bleed other grease guns too.

Simple Steps to Follow for Bleeding a Grease Gun

Bleeding a grease gun means bleeding air out of your grease gun. There is an air bleed valve screwed in your grease gun. When you change your grease cartridge and pump your grease gun for lubricating fittings, some air gets trapped inside the air space at the top end of the grease cartridge.

When some air gets trapped you need to perform bleeding in your grease gun. Now, I am going to teach you how to bleed a manual grease gun and this will help you for the rest.

  • When the air gets trapped in your grease gun, this means that your grease cartridge is almost empty. First, you need to change your grease cartridge.
  • For changing the grease cartridge you have to pull the t-handle all the way out along with the pull rod. Then unscrew the barrel from the grease gun.
  • Now, open the plastic or rubber cap from the top of your grease cartridge and peel of the cover. Put it in the barrel and screw the barrel again to your grease gun.
  • You’ll notice an air space in your grease cartridge which will help the air to get out. Once you have screwed the barrel again, unscrew it a little bit and this will make up for more air space.
  • After that, push your pull rod and t-handle all the way back in and screw the barrel tight again.
  • The grease inside the barrel will create pressure and it will release the air out from your grease gun.
  • Push the handle in your grease gun two or three times. Pushing the handle will create more pressure and make the job easy for you.

Follow these instructions and you will be able to bleed your grease gun easily. Now, if you are using a hand grease gun, then you should know that it is similar to a manual grease gun. So, you will also get your answer on how to bleed a hand grease gun.

If you are using an electric grease gun or battery-powered grease gun, a simple trick will get the job done very easily for you.

The trick is when you screw the barrel with a new grease cartridge, push the t-handle all the way in. Then unscrew the barrel a little bit and pull the t-handle and pull rod all the way out and lock it.

When you lock the t-handle at the bottom of your grease gun barrel, you will hear a pop. Now, twist the t-handle about two to three times. When you have twisted the t-handle, start pushing it back inside the grease gun barrel.

You will feel that pushing the t-handle back in is a lot harder than before. Keep pushing it back in and it will create pressure at the top of your grease gun barrel and release the air out from the grease gun easily.

This trick is very helpful to bleed the air out from your grease gun and makes the job much easier for you. This method will help you to enhance your knowledge of how to bleed an electric grease gun.

I can assure you that I’ve instructed you the best way to bleed a grease gun. Read my instructions carefully and you will have no problem bleeding your grease gun.

Problem That Occurs When Air Is Trapped In Grease Gun

It is a very common issue you’ll face from time to time. Using your grease gun for too long can trap air in your grease gun or not using your grease gun carefully might occur it. If air gets trapped in your grease gun, you’ll see that your grease gun is having trouble pumping grease out of it.

Trapped air withstands the grease to come out of the grease gun by blocking the pump pressure. If you still keep squeezing the handle of your grease gun, it can get damaged. A damaged grease gun is risky to use and it makes your grease gun rusty and fragile.

Final Tips On Bleeding Grease Gun

You always have to be very careful using any kind of mechanical or electrical tool. Because there is always a chance that tools like grease gun can make a big mess. When you are using or fixing a grease gun, always wear a glove. You have to keep in mind grease contamination because it can damage your fittings and cause health injuries.

Cleaning is important whether you are working in your home or in a workshop with your tools. Always keep clean your grease gun, it will help your grease gun to stay in good shape. Cleaning also minimizes the chance of getting air trapped in your grease gun so that you won’t have to bleed your grease gun again and again.

Don’t put too much pressure when you are bleeding your grease gun. Putting too much pressure might break the grease gun barrel. If the grease gun barrel gets damaged accidentally, grease will come out of it and you will just put yourself in a lot of trouble.

Maintain a safe distance from your stuff, so that grease can’t make any damage to your goods. Keep children away from your grease gun because it can be harmful for them. If you really want to learn how to bleed a grease gun, make sure your surrounding is in a safe position.

Always clean the air bleed valve. A dirty air bleed valve can trap more air than a clean valve. So, keeping the air bleed valve clean can minimize the chance of bleeding your grease gun.


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